EPS Trenchless Installations

We all take running water and underground services for granted. But we don’t consider how water mains and the necessary pipes and ducting have been laid in the ground to feed our homes and businesses.

In the past it would have meant digging large messy trenches. EPS use state-of-the-art under-ground technology to burrow under buildings, roads and rivers to lay new water mains, electricity cabling and gas pipes with minimal disruption.

This has led to them becoming one of the most successful companies of its type in the UK and a long-term client of in.house.media.

The project

When EPS came to us at the very beginning, they did not have any substantial web presence. The main requirements were to expand their web presence to educate their audience on exactly how they could help, and the benefits they could offer.

This quickly developed beyond simply educating people about the technology, to generating leads and being able to provide fast accurate quotations.

Our Approach

The challenge to help EPS thrive and grow, was to make people aware of this ground-breaking technology, explain to them how effective it was and then generate a high volume of steady stream of enquiries.

EPS needed a website that explained exactly what they can do, and why it was so beneficial to customers.

We mapped out our ideas of what the site should include and how it should look top appeal to his target customers. Concept ideas were presented which were refined before getting to work on the coding and construction of the site.

The most important aspect of the site was the ability to request a quote. This was the main driving point in the site to make people aware and encourage them to request a price.

Summing up

The result is a steady flow of quality leads and quote requests from customer all over the UK, that EPS can respond to.

The site is fully mobile and desktop friendly, contains videos to explain the process and a comprehensive quote request system.

I was looking for a web design agency who could create a really good website for me for my underground drilling businesses. But I wanted something different. The purpose of the website is get people to demonstrate what we can do so that people will contact us.

The website that IHM built is brilliant at doing that. I’ve been with in house media many years now and they are always really helpful, make new suggestions and come up with new ideas. I would definitely recommend them.

Darren York, EPS Trenchless Installations

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